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Our aim is to offer straightforward and intricate shapes with precise specifications and competitive prices. Whether you require a small quantity of manufactured parts or large-scale production, STCNC Machining is always capable of fulfilling your requirements.

STCNC Helps Investors and End-Users Boost Their Business by High Precision Parts.

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20 Years and Counting

STCNC Machining is a subsidiary of SINOTECH MACHINING CO.LIMITED, committed to delivering exceptional CNC machining Manufacturing Solutions for a wide range of industries. We are dedicated to producing superior and highly precise parts and assemblies, tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

We has established enduring partnerships with esteemed enterprises for more than two decades, spanning various industries including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Optical, Food processing, Testing equipment, Specialty machinery, and Packaging equipment. We take immense pride in these collaborations with top-notch companies.

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German Quality,Asia Price

We prioritize quality in every production process, following a strict policy. Our main market is Europe, and we excel in processing parts with tight tolerances and intricate designs, proactively mitigating the risk of defects. 

By simplifying processes and minimizing repair and scrap, we significantly reduce costs. Our skilled technicians embrace new challenges, constantly expanding their experience.

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Our Misson&Vison

STCNC stands by its slogan, “Building future reputation through present-day excellence.” By collaborating with STCNC, our partners gain access to high-quality services and a trustworthy and dependable ally, fostering mutually beneficial growth for both parties.

We firmly believe in the core operating principle of “customer first,” which has been instrumental in our company’s survival and success for over several decades.

We firmly believe that the “customer first” operating principle is fundamental for our enterprise to survive for more than decades.

Our Expertise Team

Excellent quality relies on our dedicated team. STCNC Machining will take care of every detail of your parts to ensure you can get satisfied parts.

Senior Manager - Eolanda Yue

Project Manager - Angel Beryl

Marketing Dept. - Lina Liu

Marketing Dept -Jacky Chen

Marketing Dept- Linda Liu